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Anaerobic degradation of toxic compounds and case study: anaerobic degradation of aniline


24/11, 19:00-21:00(北京时间)


Prof Savia Gavazza and Sophia Pimentel - Federal University of Pernambuco


段娜, 13810264860


The third lecture will focus on the anaerobic degradation of cyclic compounds. The comparison between aerobic and anaerobic degradation of aromatic compounds will be presented, providing examples, going deeper into some routes and possibilities of mechanisms. Aniline Degradation will be emphasized. A case study about the degradation of herbicides and pesticides will then be presented, in which the difficulties and conditions necessary for the degradation of the compounds will be discussed.


Professor Savia GAvazza is Ph.D. in Civil Hydraulic Engineering and Sanitation by the School of Engineering of São Carlos - USP (2003). Postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University (USA) from 2012-2013. Associate Professor of the Federal University of Pernambuco. Visiting Professor at the University of Toronto-Canada between 2016 and 2017. Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, from July 2017 (status only). Full member of the FACEPE Committee of Engineering. Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Civil Engineering at UFPE (Recife campus) between 2018 and 2019. She was coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Caruaru campus of UFPE between 2014-2016. She was the coordinator of the Nanosensors Development Network for Detecting Micropoluents in Water - NAMICRO. Bioremediation of degraded areas, degradation of textile effluents and aromatic compounds, and sanitary protection of cisterns are its main lines of research. The focus is on understanding the fundamentals of the biological removal of aromatic compounds. The development and assessment of sanitary barriers for water quality protection is a priority for the cisterns line. Experience in Sanitary Engineering, focusing on Wastewater Treatment, acting on the following subjects: industrial and domestic effluent treatment, cistern water quality, microbiology, and nutrient removal.

Sophia Pimentel is currently a doctoral student in Civil Engineering - Environmental Technology and Water Resources at the Federal University of Pernambuco - UFPE, starting in August 2017 and research on bioremediation of groundwater and soil contaminated by aromatic compounds used in the petrochemical industry for herbicide production, in an industrial center Camaçari-BA, in partnership with a multinational company and the University of Toronto. She holds a master's degree from the same teaching institution and course (UFPE - Civil Engineering) (2017) and Regional Development and Innovation at Van Hall Larenstein, part of Wageningen University.

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