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Inhibition of anaerobic processes: solutions and new trends


26/11, 19:00-21:00(北京时间)


Prof Giovana Tommaso - Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering / University of São Paulo


段娜, 13810264860


The fourth lecture will be about the inhibition of anaerobic processes, their solutions, and new trends. The inhibition of anaerobic processes can be due to several causes that will be presented in this lecture. This lecture addresses the coupling between anaerobic digestion and hydrothermal liquefaction, emphasizing the anaerobic digestion of the aqueous phases, potentially toxic, generated by the second process. Here, strategies to overcome inhibition will also be discussed, emphasizing the adsorption processes and the use of biochar as a pre-treatment or as an additive in anaerobic digestion.


Giovana Tommaso is associate professor at of University of Sao Paulo since 2012, having been hired in 2005. She is responsible for the Environmental Biotechnology Lab since 2007. She was visiting scholar at University of Minho (Portugal) in 2010 and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2013 (pos doctoral internship with FAPESP grant). She had three awarded posters at the VII, XI and XII Latin American Workshop on Anaerobic Digestion (International Water Association), in 2002, 2014 and 2017. In 2017, one of her presentation awarded as the best in the Environmental Biotechnology section. She is referee of the following journals: Bioresource Technology, Waste Management, Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Water Science and Technology, Biochemical Engineering Journal, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Chemical Industry & Chemical Engineering Quarterly, Energy (Oxford), Plos One, Renewable Energy e Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering. Her research interests are related to Environmental Engineering, with emphasis on wastewater treatment and bioenergy, focused mainly in the subjects: anaerobic process, anaerobic reactors, hydrothermal liquefaction.

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